What is Kujira

Sustainable Sovereign Cosmos Layer 1 Ecosystem
Kujira is a semi-permissioned sovereign Cosmos Layer 1 platform for community selected projects that create true value. As a tight-knit hub of innovative, revenue-generating products with great UX, Kujira aspires to revolutionize DeFi and transform payment infrastructure. Sustainable high-quality offerings allow retail investors to go beyond exchanges, staking, and ICOs, and access opportunities once reserved for the whales and elites.
We want to allow people to generate income regardless of market direction. Our mission is to build a variety of easy-to-use cost-effective tools for everyone, from the novice crypto enthusiast to the seasoned retail investor. We aim to be inclusive of all blockchains & networks and offer products that do not require participants to risk more than they can afford to lose.
Last modified 1mo ago